List of allowed and forbidden Client-Modifications


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16 Februar 2015
Official list of allowed and forbidden mods for HexagonMC
In this thread shows a list of mods which are allowed or forbidden on our Server-Network.
This list will be updated frequently.

Your mod is not shown or you are not sure about it?
No problem! Just ask here, safety first.
Just write a post under this post with following informations:
  • Name of the mod
  • Short description of what it does
  • A link to the Download (Bukkit/Planetminecraft or other websites)
Attention: A mod is not allowed because it just doesn't stand in "forbidden"!

  • Optifine
  • GSL Shader
  • Shader Pakete im allgemeinen
  • TooManyItems
  • NotEnoughItems
  • Forge (FML)
  • Replay Mod
  • Minimaps (Xaero's, REI's etc.) (The map should not show players, mobs or Pokemon!)
  • InventoryTweaks
  • Armordisplays that only show the durability of armor parts (for example the function of the LabyMod)

  • Nodus
  • Damage Indicator Mod
  • ALL X-Ray like mods
  • ALL Hack Clients (Kill Aura, Instant Bow usw.)
  • ALL Worlddownloader (except the Replay Mod)
  • ALL Minimaps that show players, mobs and/or Pokemon
  • Mods that automate something in general (Bots, Makros, Mousemakros etc)

Thank you for fair playing. That is how everyone can have fun!
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